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Case Study - Valero

Design Services




Downstream Oil & Gas

Project Overview

OLG Engineering have worked with Valero Pembroke refinery since 2013, being awarded a 5 year services contract in 2017. Part of the contract involves OLG Engineering providing a range of on site resources including Engineers, Designers, Project Engineers and Document Control personnel. Additional project design work is delivered remotely from OLG Engineering’s offices in Immingham & Hull.

Project Review

  • OLG Engineering have delivered a range of projects for Valero including:
  • FCCU ESD Upgrade
  • VDU Heater Efficiency Improvements
  • Bently Nevada Vibration Monitor upgrades
  • HF Alkylation Flare System Stress Analysis
  • Alky Depropaniser Replacement
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant De-nitrification
  • CCR Recycle Gas Compressor Control Stage 1
  • FCC Feed Optimisation

The Solution

Encompassing all engineering disciplines we follow projects from concept through detail design to fit for construction.