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Our History

A strong foundation

OLG Engineering was founded in 1982 with the goal of becoming the Design and Engineering company of choice for clients in the Humberside region.

OLG Engineering is part of OLG, which provides design, engineering, fabrication and recruitment services through its family of companies. We believe consistency in our clientele is a measure of our success and we are honoured by the high ratio of return customers. We pride ourselves on our relationships and the wider OLG family of shareholders, employees and clients.

Humble beginnings

Based on years of experience on large scale sites and construction projects, the founders were able to identify the need for a design firm with the required experience and knowledge of the Engineering sector to better understand clients’ needs and provide exceptional solutions. Therefore, from humble beginnings in a port-a-cabin on North Killingholme airfield, South Humberside, our company focused on gathering designers of all disciplines, each with a firm grasp of engineering design, fabrication and construction methods.

Honourable reputation

After 40 years of practice, with a reputation for being the ‘go to address’ for the design and detailing of complex projects in the region, OLG Engineering has developed far beyond its initial founding goals, and now serves clients UK wide. We offer services to clients for every project, regardless of size, provided they require our assistance in order to add value to their business.

At OLG we recognise the changing landscape around us and as a business we aim to use the most advanced methods and technology available to us to build a sustainable future for the benefit of our clients, their customers and our communities.

We are driven by our purpose to be the most widely respected supplier of Engineering Solutions and Agency Personnel by identifying and employing only the best personnel in their field, continuous development and working to stringent QA and HSE policies and procedures.

– Jeff Laird, Chairman