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Case Study - Greenergy

Thames Oilport


Thames Oilport


£5M +


Fuel Storage

Project Overview

Greenergy are the UK’s leading supplier of fuel supplying approximately 18 billion litres of fuel per year. As part of its long-term strategy Greenery procured the Coryton Refinery in a joint venture with Shell, which has subsequently been renamed Thames Oilport. The facility is currently utilised for import and storage of diesel, much of the existing process and operation is manual.

2018 Greenergy requested that OLG Engineering provide a FEED to bring the current facility up to current standards to allow for the importation and storage of Gasoline, Ethanol and FAME.

Project Review

As part of these scopes of work to facilitate the delivery of a +/- 10% construction phase estimate was developed relative to the areas defined below:

  • Jetty 5 – Jetty 5 to & Inc. 22 Series Tanks, Trim & Actuators

OLG Engineering managed the installation on a EPCm basis for the following projects:

  • Pump Bay 13A to Bio-Diesel Blending Skid Package
  • Bio-Diesel Blending Skid Package to Pumps 001A/B & Blending Skid
  • Diesel Blender to Tanks 51 & 52 Including Meter Prover Return
  • Tank 51 & 52 to Road Loading
  • Common Costs
  • Establishment / Welfare & Construction Design Management
  • Project Management & Engineering

The Solution

Encompassing all engineering disciplines we followed this project from concept through, FEED, detail design and construction management.