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Stress Engineers Attend API 579 FFP Training Course

OLG Engineering have recently supported Stress Engineers Darren Routh and Chris Hasthorpe at an API 579 Fitness-for-Service training course, where they gained a broad understanding of the failure mechanisms of pressure equipment.

The modular course covered the techniques of API 579 FFP integrity assessment and how they are applied to corroded and damaged pressure equipment.

Darren and Chris’s current experience was reinforced around the role of construction codes (ASME BPVC Section V111/B31.1) in FFP assessment of pressure equipment and the principles of “out-of-code” FFP assessments and selected methodologies of API 579.

The topics covered included design code margins that enable FFP assessment and corrosion and damage assessments and use of failure assessment diagrams and case study exercises.

The following areas at level 1 & 2 were covered:

  • General and local metal loss
  • Brittle fracture
  • Crack like flaws
  • Hydrogen blisters & laminations
  • Dents & gouges
  • Fire damage
  • Creep

Darren said; “I am really grateful to OLG Engineering to have had the opportunity to attend the course and further develop my understanding of API 579 Fitness-for-Service Integrity Assessment and support my continued development as a Chartered Engineer.”